Forge Your Social Network Marketing Strategy for 2021

Hey marketers, Did you know there is a new beginning of Network Marketing?

Yeah, It’s true!

Social Network Marketing is the new era in the Direct Selling field.

The motive of every business is to tap market trends, produce good quality products, create brand awareness in the market, and sell their products.

Can I ask you a question? Are you confident that you can make a profit by following the above sales procedure usually followed by most companies?

A little bit of doubt, isn’t it?

The above steps are essential for the growth of your business. No doubt about that. But where do you make mistakes?

I’m saying all about the promotion of your brand. Creating brand awareness is the most important thing in the marketing procedure.

If you follow the strategy that is already used by many marketers you cannot make a profit. Because you will only know one of them, you may not recognize them as well.

So, what should you do?

It’s simple, switch to network marketing through social media.


What Is Social Network Marketing?

To begin with Social Network Marketing, you should know what that means. In this modern world, the importance of Network Marketing is very crucial.

As we consider the popularity of Social Media, Social Network Marketing is a specious category o marketing today. Whenever a business uses social media as its marketing tool, it can consider as a form of Social Network Marketing.

Interestingly, Social Network Marketing varies from company to company as its nature of marketing. Marketing outreach can take numerous forms, ranging from overt promotions to more subtle ways of establishing relationships with potential clients.

Similarly, social network marketing can be simple advertisements for products or services, or it can be a way for a company to build relationships.


Why Do You Need to Market Your Products Through Social Media

What do you think?

I know you know more than us as you use social media for your communication. However, I want to share with you some trends regarding social media.

Surprisingly, the use of social media is increasing now. The trend shows a dramatic increase in the usage of social media.

Here, we analyse;

a)   Social Media Growth Statistics

Statistics reported that in 2015, 2.07 billion people were using social media. But in 2016 the trend increased by 11% and reached 2.3 Billion. The trend also showed 2.7 Billion, 3.1 Billion and 3.4 Billion in the year 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. In 2020 the usage of social media touched 3.7 Billion.

A large population of people like to spend more time on social media. For this reason, they are not going to know about your business when you follow the traditional method.

This is why Social Network Marketing is important for any business. Social Media can help you to find more customers. Moreover, you can build a personal connection when you use social media.

b)   Most Popular Social Media in 2021

Do you know which is the most popular social media platform in 2021?

It’s none other than Facebook. Facebook has 2.7 billion active users in 2021. Youtube is in the second position with 2.4 billion users where Whatsapp is in the third position with

2.0 Billion users.

The following graph shows the rest of the information.

c)   Time Spending on Social Media by Country

As per the Global Web Index Report 2020, India is the top country with users who spend 2.5 hours daily.

d)   How Many Accounts Does an Average Person Have?

In 2020, the average number of social media accounts per person is 8.8. From 4.8 accounts per person in 2014 to 8.8 accounts per person in 2020, the number of accounts per person has increased by 83.33 per cent


How Does Social Network Marketing Work?

Social Networking used to maintain social as well as business relationships by using technology. Social Network Marketing is done through social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In addition to this, social media provides a platform where people and organisations can join and create their profiles and connect. It provides a place where you can promote your products and find your ultimate buyers and they will become your distributor in your network.

Neo MLM provides such a feature to promote your products on social media. The following benefits can be availed to you by purchasing our Promotional Tool;

a) Increase Referrals

Social Media is an effective tool for finding referrals in an easy way. Because we can communicate the potential referrals through social media. We can attract them by uploading your posters.

When you upload your posts, it is visible to your friends. If they attracted to your plans, they can join your network. Moreover, you can share your posts with messengers like Facebook Messenger. It is also an effective tool for increasing referrals.

b) More Sales Leads

The interesting fact is we can get sales leads through social media apart from getting new referrals. You can create posts showing your products, benefits and special offers and promote your products this way.

Customers never get confusions about the products while you provide valid information about the products. It is the best way to get more sales leads than any other method such as telecalls.

c) Personnel Connection

You get all the referrals and sales only when you have a strong personnel connection with your audience. Social media is an advanced platform for building personnel connections in which your potential buyers included.

d) Quick Feedback

Another advantage of using social media is that the customers can review your products and you will get quick feedback about the products. You can use this feedback for improving customer relations and making new products.

e) Bring Traffic to Your Website

Social media give you the option of providing your website address. When you give the website URL on your business page, customers can easily visit your website. This will help to bring traffic to your website.

f) Build Brand Awareness

By doing all the above processes your brand will become familiar to your audience.


Best Social Network Marketing Tips for Network Marketing

Hey, where do you start your Social Network Marketing? Here are some best tricks to get a better start in Social Network Marketing.

a)  Plan for Your Content

As previously stated, developing a social media marketing strategy is critical. Incorporate keyword analysis and competition research into your brainstorming process to assist you to come up with marketing concepts that will appeal to your target audience. What do other businesses in your industry do to increase social media engagement?

b) Content Creation

In terms of social network marketing, as in other areas of online marketing, content reigns supreme. Make sure you write on a frequent basis and deliver truly useful and fascinating material to your potential clients. Photos, videos, infographics, how-to tutorials, and other media can be included in the material you share on social media.

c) Consistent Brand Image

The use of social media in network marketing allows your organisation to present its brand image across a variety of social media channels. Although each platform has its own distinct environment and voice, the essential image of your brand, whether friendly, fun, or trustworthy, should remain consistent.

d) Promote Your Content

Social network marketing is an excellent approach to distribute your website and blog material to readers. You’ll be able to publish all of your latest stuff and ensure that fresh items are discovered naturally by your followers if you create a dedicated audience on social media. Furthermore, outstanding blog content will help you gain more followers.

e) Linking to Outside Content

Although using social media for marketing is a terrific way to get followers, admirers, and devotees by using your own exclusive, original content, it is also an opportunity to connect to outside publications. Don’t be afraid to refer to them if you think other sources provide wonderful, useful information that your target audience would like. Curating and linking to external sources builds confidence and credibility, and in exchange, you may gain some connections.

f) Tracking Success

You cannot determine the efficiency of your social media marketing tactics without monitoring data. Google Analytics is an excellent social media marketing tool for tracking and evaluating the most effective social media marketing approaches, as well as determining which methods should be abandoned.

Add tracking tags to your social media marketing initiatives so you can manage them appropriately. Also, make use of the statistics to gain even more insight into which of your social material is performing well with your audience on each social platform.

As I conclude, I want to say that In Network Marketing, the potential of Social Media is limitless. It’s absolutely free (or inexpensive in some situations) and simple.

As a result, make sure you fully exploit and utilise the true potential of social media platforms in your MLM or network marketing organisation! In-Network Marketing, anyone may simply harness the power of social media. If used carefully and wisely, it may be a fantastic corporate asset.