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Epin Generation MLM Software

What is E-pin?

E-pins are electronic vouchers or codes that are generated by MLM software and can be used by distributors to purchase products or services from the company’s online store. E-pins, which are unique codes that can be used to purchase products or enroll new distributors. Usually sold by the MLM company to its distributors at a discounted price and the distributors can then sell these e-pins to their downline distributors or customers. Looking for Eping Genration MLM Software Search No further! At Neo MLM We are providing you the best Epin Genration MLM Software at the best price.


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Advantages Of E-pins In MLM Software

Firstly, E-pins help to simplify the payment process for both the company and the distributors. With e-pins, distributors can easily purchase products or services online without the need for cash transactions or credit card payments. This eliminates the need for the company to handle multiple payment methods and reduces the risk of payment fraud.

Secondly, e-pins provide a convenient way for distributors to sell products or services to their customers. Distributors can simply give their customers the e-pin code, and the customers can use this code to purchase the product or service online. This eliminates the need for distributors to carry physical products or to process orders manually.

Thirdly, e-pins provide a way for MLM companies to track the sales of their distributors and to reward them accordingly. The Neo MLM software can track the e-pin sales of each distributor and calculate their commissions based on these sales. This makes it easier for the company to manage its sales and compensation plan, and ensures that distributors are rewarded fairly for their efforts.

How epin is to be work

This can be done using a variety of methods, such as using a random number generator or using a predetermined algorithm to create unique codes. Once the epins have been generated, they must be validated to ensure that they are unique and have not been previously used.

After the epins have been generated and validated, they can be distributed to the MLM distributors via email or making them available for download through the MLM software platform. It is important to ensure that the distribution process is secure and that only authorized distributors have access to the epins.

Once the distributors have received their epins, they can begin using them to make purchases or enroll new members. To use an epin, the distributor simply enters the code into the appropriate field within the MLM software platform.

Significant E-Pin Modules

  • Create E-Pin Request
  •  Show E-Pin Request
  • Send e-pin through SMS, E-mail, phone
  • E-Pin Management :
    ○ Allocate E-Pin
    ○ Block E-Pin
    ○ Edit, Delete E-Pin
    ○ Show E-Pin○ E-pin Status
    ○ Search E-Pin
  • E-Pin Wise Report
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