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Multi Level Marketing Plans​

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Multi Level Marketing Plans​

Binary MLM Software Plan

MLM Plan simply means a structure that paves the path for doing MLM or Network Marketing. In other words, it is the predefined way in which you are going to do MLM activities.


Matrix MLM Software Plan

The Matrix model's distribution compensation strategy restricts the first line, allowing only a limited number of persons to be sponsored.

Unilevel MLM Software Plan

The distributor can support an unlimited number of first-level distributors under these schemes. The initial lines of associates provide compensation.


Monoline MLM Software Plan

The monoline compensation plan is the most basic of all MLM compensation schemes. Members are added in a linear fashion, one below the other, on a first-come, first-served basis, under this method. As a result, this plan is also known as the Linear Plan or the Single Leg Plan. There are no constraints on the width, depth, or number of legs in a monoline layout.

StairStep MLM Software Plan

A stair-by-stair plan is a breadth-free strategy that allows distributors to sponsor as many persons in their breadth-first line as they choose (first generation).


Generation MLM Software Plan

The MLM Generation Plan is a business model that is centred on profit sharing. The corporation splits advertising costs with its distributors directly. In the MLM industry, a Generation Plan is created when a distributor sells a product amount to be delivered against up-lines.

Party MLM Software Plan

MLM Party Plan is a method used by merchants to advertise or market their products by hosting social events such as a house party, get-together, or any other event. The products will be on display and available for purchase at this time. As a result, we might refer to this activity as direct selling.


Donation MLM Software Plan

The MLM gift plan is often referred to as a donation or assistance plan. The basic concept is to deliver a gift to one person while receiving several gifts from a large number of other users. As a result, each user will benefit from receiving several gift receipts from other users. As the system indicates, users will deposit or give straight to other users.

Linear MLM Software Plan

In this structure, participants are sequentially added, forming a single line with no restrictions on width, depth, or the number of legs. This approach is often referred to as the Linear Plan or Single Leg plan.


Gift MLM Software Plan

The MLM gift plan is often referred to as a donation or assistance plan. The basic concept is to deliver a gift to one person while receiving several gifts from a large number of other users. As a result, each user will benefit from receiving several gift receipts from other users. As the system indicates, users will deposit or give straight to other users.

Board MLM Software Plan

One of the most important MLM business plans is the Board Plan MLM software, which is mostly used for the creation of business services. Promoters and consumers collaborate in this business strategy for the growth and development of a multilevel marketing organisation. Every board can receive a bonus or income based on the income plan structure, and all of the board members can benefit handsomely.



Amazing Add-ons With MLM Plans


With the changing habits of customers, the significance of digital channels of sales.


Dedicate to your prospecting process daily! Pay attention to 3 steps of prospecting process.

Auto Responder

Only 2% of people respond immediately to your offer. If you bring 100 people to your.

Multi Language

Users from different linguistic backgrounds to access and interact with the content or interface in their preferred language

Multi Currency

Allows users to conduct transactions, view prices, and receive payments in different currencies, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of a global customer base.

Promotional Tool

are marketing strategies or techniques used to promote products, services, brands, or events with the goal of increasing awareness.

Payment Gateways

Our platform allows acceptance of various online payment methods, depending on where.

Ticket System

If facing technical issues and the company can rectify these issues timely

Social Login

Users can loggin to the system with their social account likes facebook, twitter, linked in, etc.

Multi Business wallet

E-Wallet serves as a digital wallet within MLM software, safeguarding commissions and other earnings generated through your network business

Resource Migration

We are fully equipped to seamlessly migrate all users from your current system to MLM software using from Excel, , DB's files, ensuring a smooth transition without any hassle.

Internal Cart

Our internal cart system facilitates seamless and efficient product sales. You have full control to add and manage products with ease

Data Clearance

Provides washout options in a system.So admin can remove all users at any time this option is called data clearance

Android Apps

The Mobile app facilitates business growth on the go, allowing you to expand your reach and maximize opportunities

iOS Apps

The Mobile app facilitates business growth on the go, allowing you to expand your reach and maximize opportunities

Crypto Integration

With crypto integration, participants can receive commissions and make purchases with greater speed and efficiency, transcending traditional banking limitations.

SMS Integration

The SMS feature ensures that all users stay informed and up-to-date with important updates, announcements, and alerts related to their business activities.

Multi Vendor

This innovative model allows for a diverse range of products to be offered to customers from various sellers, creating a one-stop destination for shoppers.

Website Design

in which the website will be designed with Different themes based on customer choose that serves static.

Sub Admin Login

Admin can set unlimitted staffs to manage the accounts. It helps decrease the workload.


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MLM Compensation Plans - FAQs

An MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Compensation Plan is a structured system designed by MLM companies to compensate their distributors for sales and recruiting efforts. It typically involves various commission structures and bonuses based on product sales and the recruitment of new distributors.

  1. MLM Compensation Plans work by rewarding distributors for both their personal sales efforts and the sales made by their downline or recruited team members. Distributors earn commissions and bonuses based on their sales volume, the volume generated by their team, and the rank they achieve within the company’s hierarchy.


Common types of MLM Compensation Plans include binary, unilevel, matrix, stair-step breakaway, and hybrid plans. Each plan has its own unique structure and rules governing how distributors are compensated.


Basic Plans

A binary compensation plan is a structure where distributors are encouraged to recruit only two frontline distributors, creating two “legs” or downlines. Commissions and bonuses are typically based on the sales volume generated by the weaker leg, promoting teamwork and balance.

In a unilevel compensation plan, distributors can recruit unlimited frontline distributors, who are placed on their first level. There are typically no width restrictions, and commissions are paid based on the sales volume generated by distributors within several levels deep in the organization.


A matrix compensation plan limits the number of distributors a distributor can sponsor on the first level. For example, a 3×7 matrix allows each distributor to sponsor only three distributors on their frontline and pays commissions based on a set number of levels deep and wide.


In a stair-step breakaway compensation plan, distributors advance through various ranks based on their sales volume and performance. As they achieve higher ranks, they “break away” from their upline and become responsible for their own organization. They earn higher commissions and bonuses as they climb the ranks.


MLM Compensation Plans are legal as long as they comply with relevant laws and regulations. However, some MLM companies have faced legal challenges and scrutiny for operating as pyramid schemes, which focus primarily on recruitment rather than the sale of products or services.



MLM Compensation Plans offer individuals the opportunity to earn income based on their sales efforts and the efforts of their team members. They often provide flexibility, low startup costs, and the potential for unlimited income based on performance.


Challenges with MLM Compensation Plans include the potential for saturation in the market, negative perceptions due to pyramid scheme comparisons, and the need for significant time and effort to build a successful network.


Success in an MLM Compensation Plan requires dedication, persistence, effective marketing strategies, and a focus on building strong relationships with customers and team members. Continuous learning and training are also essential for staying competitive in the MLM industry.


While it’s possible to make a full-time income with an MLM Compensation Plan, success varies depending on individual effort, market conditions, the quality of products or services offered, and the effectiveness of marketing and recruiting efforts.


When choosing an MLM company, consider factors such as the reputation of the company, the quality and uniqueness of its products or services, the Compensation Plan structure, training and support provided, startup costs, and the company’s track record of success. It’s essential to research and carefully evaluate all aspects before committing to any MLM opportunity.

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