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What is a
Monoline MLM Plan Software?​

If an independent distributor can learn how to duplicate and teach others to do the same, one can achieve great success. There is nothing easier than building a job in two branches! Anyone who, on your recommendation (registered on your code number), purchases the company’s product becomes your direct member (Level 1). When your direct member finds his direct member (who register on their code number) then he begins to build his own network. This direct member is at the same time the indirect member of your network (level 2). When a member from your 2nd level finds his direct member and begins to build his network, then his direct member becomes indirect member of your network (3rd level).

One Leg for each Member

It all comes down to following the same “mono” (single) line. Referred to as a one-leg MLM plan

Monthly Revenue from Everyone

You have the opportunity to receive monthly revenue that surpasses everyone below you, including those you do not sponsor.

Single-leg or monoline MLM software is a web-based tool that assists in the management of the Monoline plan, as well as keeping track of commissions received and producing systematic reports. Monoline MLM Software is designed to support all MLM operations.


The main features highlighted in our demo including Add-ons features

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What exactly is a Monoline MLM Plan?

Monoline Linear MLM Plan Software

A straight line MLM Plan with only one leg for each member is known as a monoline MLM Plan. It is sometimes referred to as a one-leg MLM plan or a linear MLM plan. The concept is as simple as the name suggests. It all comes down to following the same “mono” (single) line.


In the future years, the monoline MLM Plan might become the most popular MLM plan in the multi-level marketing sector. The most intriguing aspect of the monoline MLM scheme is that it only requires one leg to function. When a new member joins, all existing members are automatically demoted. You have the opportunity to receive monthly revenue that surpasses everyone below you, including those you do not sponsor.

How Monoline MLM Plan exactly works?

The monoline MLM plan, sometimes referred to as the single-leg MLM plan, is an improved form of the forced matrix plan. With the compulsory matrix plan, a specific number of slots must be filled. But, with the monoline plan, there is always the prospect of profiting when a new subscriber joins the network.

Consider the preceding case. Everyone is arranged in a single line. When (1) multiplies (2), (1) and (A) receive a referral bonus. In a sense, this continues by completing the chain, allowing (A) to get the matrix bonus and re-enter at the bottom of the line. There is no upper limit or required level for this plan to function, and profit shares can be distributed. The monoline strategy is entirely predicated on the first come, first served principle. Because of its popularity, Monoline is being used by a large number of new MLM organizations.

Choosing the Right Software

When it comes to MLM generation plans, having the right software can make all the difference. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right MLM generation plan software, including:

Ease of Use

The software should be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface. This will make it easier for you to set up, manage, and track the progress of your MLM generation plan.


The software should allow you to fully customize your generation plan, including the number of generations and the amount of commission paid per generation. This will allow you to create a plan that fits your specific business needs.


The software should provide detailed reporting and analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your plan and make informed decisions about how to improve it.


The software should integrate seamlessly with your existing MLM system, including your back-office, e-commerce platform, and payment gateway

MONOLINE MLM Software Features

Track Business

It allows businesses to easily manage and track their sales teams


Users from different linguistic backgrounds to access and interact with the content or interface in their preferred language

Track Commissions & Bonuses

Distributors are being rewarded for their efforts and that they are motivated to continue working hard

Promotional Tool

Marketing strategies or techniques used to promote products, services, brands, or events with the goal of increasing awareness.

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Benefits of Using Generation Plan in MLM

  • Early Bird Discount

    This is by far the most significant advantage of the Monoline strategy. If you are the first to join, you will undoubtedly profit more. This also encourages new people to join quickly, which greatly aids in the company’s growth.

  • Straightforward Business Strategy

    In the case of other plans, it takes time for newcomers to learn the plan’s requirements and commission structure. Yet, with the monoline plan, the requirements to meet are clear. And without any training, new members are ready to explain it and attract others straight immediately.

  • Consistent Earnings

    You are able to earn money as soon as you join the firm. As long as the firm grows, all team members will have a consistent source of income. Needless to say, this is due to the fact that new employees will be joining the organization in some capacity.

  • There are no goals or deadlines

    This is one of the most important factors that many individuals consider when choosing a MONOLINE PLAN MLM SOFTWARE. Achieving milestones and deadlines puts unnecessary strain on most individuals, and can even demotivate them. But, with a firm that follows the monoline business strategy, you are free to work as much as you like while still earning a consistent income.

  • All Members Receive Benefits

    Another factor that influences people’s career choices is financial incentives from the company’s overall profit. With this strategy, regardless of whether you contribute to the firm’s growth, you may earn as long as the company profits.

Monoline MLM Plan Bonuses

The following are the basic compensations that may be earned with a monoline MLM compensation plan:

Joining Bonus

A single-leg MLM plan’s unique characteristic is the join bonus. A user will receive a bonus if he or she is granted free re-entry into the system. Because the monoline MLM plan is a single-line plan, the customer is eligible for several re-entry bonuses as the system expands.

Matching Bonus

When a user receives a bonus, such as a referral bonus or a rejoin incentive, the sponsor receives the same benefit. Both the user and the sponsor will receive the incentive at the same time.

Sponsor Bonus / Referral Bonus

The Referral Bonus or Sponsor Bonus is the reward received when a user refers or sponsors a new member. As a referral incentive, he or she will receive a set sum. Similarly, a user may maximize the benefits of a sponsor incentive by recommending an infinite number of users.

The compensation of Monoline MLM Plan


Depending on their policies, MLM companies define their compensation plans. Being a leading provider of monoline software systems, we provide several compensation structures based on the needs of the company.

Despite the fact that it is a single leg structure, users will receive many re-entries as the system grows and will also receive bonuses/commissions. This is a specialty of the Monoline MLM plan. When a user receives an incentive, such as a referral bonus or a rejoin bonus, his sponsor will also receive a bonus, as other MLM schemes do.

That is the same as it is in other compensation programmes. This is a motivating bonus since sponsors give these kinds of bonuses to keep members engaged in the steady network expansion. Existing members receive this benefit when they advance to a higher level or rank. It acts as a promotional bonus in the MLM industry.

Features and Capabilities

MLM Generation Plan Software is designed to help participants manage and track their downline network. The software typically includes features such as:

Downline management and tracking

Reporting and analysis tools

Commission calculation and payment tracking

Lead management and tracking

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools

Streamline your MLM business with the powerful tools and features of neomlmsoftware.com. Whether you are looking to implement the Stair Step Breakaway MLM Plan or any other compensation plan, our software has you covered. Sign up for a free demo today and see the difference can make for your business!

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Tools & Features Designed ​

Neo MLM Software Pricing

The software can calculate commissions for each member based on their sales and the commission rates set for each level in the Stair Step MLM Plan

The software provides real-time tracking of sales and commissions, allowing you to monitor the progress of your members and ensure accurate payments.

The software can manage your downline structure, making it easy to see how each member is performing and identify potential issues.

The software provides detailed reports and analytics, giving you valuable insights into the performance of your organization and the effectiveness of the Stair Step MLM Plan.

The software is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for your members to use and manage their downlines.

“Matching Bonus” a consumer registered on metwork the sponsor gets a extabenifit Neo multi level marketing’s admin panel will configure this diffrent ways.

Monoline MLM Software Plan - FAQs

The Monoline Linear MLM Plan is a compensation structure where every new member is added to the single line or "mono-line" structure. Each new member is placed under the previous member, creating a single, straight-line genealogy.

In this plan, every new recruit is placed directly under the distributor who enrolled them, forming a single line of distributors. As new members join, they are added to the bottom of the line, creating a linear structure.

One major benefit is its simplicity. It's easy to understand and doesn't require complex matrix calculations. Additionally, it encourages teamwork and support among members as everyone works together to build the line.

Commissions are typically earned based on the sales or recruitment activity within the entire line. Each member receives commissions or bonuses based on the overall performance of the entire line, rather than just their own efforts.

One challenge is that since commissions are based on the overall performance of the line, it can take time for members to see significant earnings as the line grows. Additionally, there may be issues with spillover and balancing recruitment efforts.

Spillover, where new recruits are placed under existing members beyond their frontline, can occur in some cases. However, it's not guaranteed and depends on the recruitment efforts of the distributors at the top of the line.

Yes, members can earn commissions or bonuses from recruits placed below them in the line. However, the bulk of the earnings typically comes from the efforts of the entire line rather than solely from recruits directly enrolled by the member.

The depth of earnings in a Monoline Linear MLM Plan can vary depending on the compensation structure set by the MLM company. Some plans may limit earnings to a certain number of levels deep within the line.
Compared to other plans like binary or matrix structures, the Monoline Linear Plan offers simplicity and a straightforward approach. However, it may not offer as much potential for rapid expansion or depth in earnings.
Yes, members can potentially earn passive income as the line grows and new recruits are added below them. However, active participation in recruiting and supporting the team is often necessary to maximize earnings.

Strategies for success often involve consistent recruitment efforts, training and supporting new members, and fostering teamwork within the line. Additionally, staying updated on product knowledge and marketing techniques can be beneficial.

While the plan can work for various products and services, it may be more suitable for those with broad market appeal or products/services that require minimal explanation or demonstration.
To ensure sustainability, focus on building a strong team culture, providing ongoing support and training, complying with legal regulations, and maintaining transparency and integrity in all business dealings. Additionally, diversifying income streams and staying adaptable to market changes can contribute to long-term success.
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