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What is a
Board MLM Plan Software?​

Board MLM Plan Software is also known as revolving matrix business plan. Board plan mlm software is one of the crucial MLM business Plan which is used mostly for the development of business services. In, this business plan Promoters and Consumers works in a group for the growth and development of multilevel marketing company.

Automated tracking of downline activities

One of the most significant benefits of using board MLM software is that it automates the tracking of downline activities. This means that you can easily monitor the performance of your downline and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, you can track sales and commissions in real-time, which can help you make informed decisions about your business operations.

Easy to manage downline structure

Another benefit of using board MLM software is that it creates an easy to manage downline structure. With a board or matrix structure, you can easily track the activities of your downline and identify areas where you need to provide support or training. This can help you build a strong and successful MLM team.

Increased efficiency and productivity

With automated tracking and an easy to manage downline structure, you can spend more time focusing on growing your business and less time on administrative tasks. Additionally, board MLM software can help you identify areas where you can improve your business operations, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability.

Every board can have bonus or income based on the income plan arrangement and all the members of the board can gain handsome returns. The entire members earn profits, but one who is inactive may find the plan a bit complicated. Understanding the plan is much crucial in order to implement it and the one who does not follow the plan may find it much complicated.



The main features highlighted in our demo including Add-ons features

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How Does MLM Board Plan/Matrix Cycle Plan Work?

When you join the planning cycle, a fresh viewpoint is distributed to you where you need to verify quantities of entering under your chain. The volume of joining is constantly fixed, and once you are finished your board, you are finished with it.

Once in a while, the number of boards and structure can change from organization to organization, or it might differ due to the national rules and guideline. So it is frequently suggested that search the standard books before select such a board plan. The commissions or the instalment is repaid to you once you are finished with your board.

Board MLM Plan where board ceaselessly partition when it is full, and the board head graduates to the second board that is spinning. Different members ought to be joint between the two boards dependent on their circumstance and the number of members they have enrolled. 

The Board plan with the split framework where members move rely upon the number of referrals. Every member can acquaint up with two members, some other reference overflows. After completion of the first board, they are consequently selected into a second board where they spin consistently. 

On the off chance that board is full, the pioneer moves to the subsequent board, and the board is then separated into two for the continuous member. The position is favoured by first searching for the member with two referrals to include the initial levels and prevailing from left to right and top to bottom. 

At that point, members with single referrals are pondered next, and members without any referrals are deliberated following that. At that point the last level leavings purges to be filled from left to right. After attacking the subsequent board, they seek after their pioneer to the pioneer’s board.

Board MLM Plan Software

The Board Plan pattern is a 2 X 2 Matrix, a.k.a, 2 X 2 Matrix Cycle. Tt constantly follows the support Board/Matrix Cycle. The specific member will be assigned to commission whenever the Board/Matrix Cycle sections closed. Inside the MLM Board plan condition, the Board divides when it is full. After redemption of the first board, the members go into the subsequent boards and buildup there.

When you have joined this plan, a clear board will be allotted, and you will be asked to fill a couple of segments in coordination to the section of your partners. The number, pattern, as well as the measurement of sections, may vary concerning organizations. The commission is compensated on the consummation of segments with the partners. The instalment procedure will rely upon the organization’s current field-tested strategy. We have developed a lot of programming as per this MLM Plan.

BOARD MLM Software Benefits/Features

Track Business

It allows businesses to easily manage and track their sales teams


Users from different linguistic backgrounds to access and interact with the content or interface in their preferred language

Track Commissions & Bonuses

Distributors are being rewarded for their efforts and that they are motivated to continue working hard

Promotional Tool

Marketing strategies or techniques used to promote products, services, brands, or events with the goal of increasing awareness.

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Board MLM Plan Concepts

The Board Plan Concepts include single board, multi-board, shuffling board, auto-filling board, and manual filling board. Board Plan provides several methods to its customers for board split. Customers can pick their ideal plan from a single board framework, two board frameworks, and multiple board frameworks. 

In the Stair Step MLM Plan, each member is encouraged to build their team of distributors, and as they do so, they move up the “staircase” and earn higher commissions. The goal is to reach the highest level of the plan, where the commissions are the greatest. The success of each distributor is tied to the success of their downline, and therefore, the plan incentivizes members to provide support and training to their team.

This structure creates a mutually beneficial environment where everyone benefits from the success of the overall organization. The Stair Step MLM Plan is widely used in various industries, including health and wellness, beauty, and telecommunications.


Multiple Board

Clients can select single board, two board, or three board system based on their preference


Auto Upgrading

You can automatically move to the second level on successful completion of one board level


Old Recovery

The members can recover their service even after the attainment of boards


Multiple Board Income

Unlimited Income Board Plan for Members



Automated board splitting Level management Commision setting View, Search Boards Cross Matrix Board Plan Recycle Entry in Board Member searching


Innovative Income

Companies and organizations can earn restoration costs from their consumers


Board Plan Vs Binary Plan

Board Plan is identical to the binary plan in one form that the payments can be made here weekly. However, it offers exclusive advantages for the beginners as well as the veterans in the industry. Some of the major advantages of the Board MLM plans are

Streamline your MLM business with the powerful tools and features of Neo MLM Software. Whether you are looking to implement the Stair Step Breakaway MLM Plan or any other compensation plan, our software has you covered. Sign up for a free demo today and see the difference can make for your business!

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Tools & Features Designed ​

Neo MLM Software Pricing

Our Board Plan MLM Software includes the below-given choice to deliver the casting cycle.

Board Cycle Plan commission setting

View Boards

Search boards

View board Commission

We also render the custom-made MLM Board Plan Software in which we will introduce the rules, guidelines, and logic that features to the present MLM business.


Single Board

Shuffling Board

Auto Filling Board

Manual Filling Board
Board Plan is identical to the binary plan in one form that the payments can be made here weekly. However, it offers exclusive advantages for the beginners as well as the veterans in the industry. Some of the major advantages of the Board MLM plans are:
  • You can acquire a considerable amount of profits
  • Auto splitting
  • Recycling entry system
  • Cross matrix system
  • Automatic promotion to the next and higher levels
  • Search boards

The software can calculate commissions for each member based on their sales and the commission rates set for each level in the Stair Step MLM Plan

The software provides real-time tracking of sales and commissions, allowing you to monitor the progress of your members and ensure accurate payments.

The software can manage your downline structure, making it easy to see how each member is performing and identify potential issues.

The software provides detailed reports and analytics, giving you valuable insights into the performance of your organization and the effectiveness of the Stair Step MLM Plan.

The software is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for your members to use and manage their downlines.

“Matching Bonus” a consumer registered on metwork the sponsor gets a extabenifit Neo multi level marketing’s admin panel will configure this diffrent ways.

Board MLM Software Plan - FAQs

The Board MLM Plan is a compensation structure used by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies where members are organized into specific boards or groups. As each board is filled, the members cycle out, earning commissions and incentives.

In the Board MLM Plan, members join a board or matrix, typically with a set number of positions. As the board fills up, it splits into two, and the top member (or a certain number of top members) moves to the higher level, initiating a new cycle.

Cycles occur when a board is filled with a set number of members. Once a cycle is completed, the top member or members advance to the next level, earning rewards and incentives.

Members in the Board MLM Plan have the opportunity to earn commissions not only from their direct recruits but also from the efforts of others as boards cycle and new ones are formed.

Members earn commissions based on their position in the board matrix and the number of cycles completed. Commissions may also come from downline members' activities and sales.

The sustainability of the Board MLM Plan depends on various factors including product quality, member retention, and compliance with regulations. Companies must ensure a balance between incentives and sustainability.

Like any MLM structure, risks include market saturation, legal scrutiny, and potential reputational damage if the plan is perceived as exploitative or unsustainable.

Commissions are typically calculated based on board cycles, sales volume, and the compensation structure set by the MLM company. Each company may have its own specific formula for commission calculation.

Yes, members can often participate in multiple boards simultaneously, allowing them to maximize their earning potential within the MLM structure.

If a board fails to fill up within a specified time frame, the MLM company may offer incentives or promotions to encourage recruitment and board completion.

Members advance to higher levels by completing cycles within their current board and moving up the hierarchy. Advancement often comes with increased earning potential and bonuses.

The suitability of the Board MLM Plan varies depending on individual goals, commitment, and understanding of the MLM business model. It's essential for potential members to research and understand the plan before participating.


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