Customer Behavior On MLM/Network Marketing Products; An Extensive Investigation

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How does customer behaviour influence the purchase of MLM products? Hey, There are many factors you should know that determine customer behaviour. These factors include psychological, social, cultural, personal and economic factors. This is almost similar in both traditional as … Continued

15 Ground Breaking Pricing Strategies for Your MLM Products

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What is the best way to price MLM products? Learn interesting pricing strategies for products of any company (especially for MLM companies) that have been proven by many marketers to generate a million sales. Hey, Let me ask you a … Continued

Is Network Marketing Legal Or Not?

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Are you sure that Multi level Marketing or Network Marketing is not legal? You are wrong! Multi-level Marketing (Network Marketing) is a legal process under which people build a network system to ensure the higher sale of products. However, the … Continued

Pyramid Scheme vs MLM

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Hey there, You now get familiar with Multi-Level Marketing and when I asked somebody; “What is Multi-level Marketing?” He can say that some direct sales companies use multilevel marketing (MLM) to allow established distributors to hire new distributors in exchange … Continued