Distribution compensation plan by the Matrix model limits the first line, allowing sponsorship of only a certain number of people.

Each line has the same limitations, so it tells your organization to grow into a specific structure. The distributor is also not allowed to sponsor outside the matrix, and there is also a limitation of depth. Once the line is filled, the next distributor will automatically be placed on the next possible line. The fee arises from a fixed percentage, paid on the basis of the volume of sales of each line. The percentage may also vary depending on the depth of the lines. The totality of these percentages determines the maximum payment.


Matrix MLM Plan

Integration of Matrix Plan with MLM Matrix Software

We combine all the features of this MLM compensation plan with an efficient ticket system and form the best direct selling software in this network marketing field. This is the way of our successful journey in multilevel marketing.

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Compensation in MATRIX MLM Plan

Generation Plan divides the downlines into different levels or generations and the commission is also decreased as the generations grow

This type of bonus is usually obtained by using customers to complete their Width x Depth, and the admin will upload additional configurations to this bonus.

A new Member is placed in the group as a referral incentive. You could be rewarded with a Sponsor/Referral incentive of X amounts constant percent(x percent ) or a fixed quantity for each direct referral you make (x). The amount of referral money paid out by certain companies is determined by the value of the sales package. Some of them also depend on sponsor status.The commission amount is credited to the sponsor account on a regular basis, or the registration is approved by admin. The referral amount issued by certain companies is determined by the purchase package amount. Some of them are also influenced by sponsor status. The commission will be credited to the sponsor’s account until the registration has been accepted by admin..

“Matching Bonus” means that if a customer registers on the network, the sponsor receives an additional value. The admin panel for Neo’s multi-level marketing can be configured in a variety of ways.

When a new user registers on downline, the “level commission” is one of the incentives a configured amount is distributed to upline users. The level and incentive are determined by the compensation package..

An individual registered on the “Nth” feature of the group for a 5 x 5 matrix, a new person being a member of the 5th downline, earns a “Place Bonus.” On the admin screen, Neo MLM will set the sum and percentage.

Frequently Asked questions

1What is a forced matrix compensation plan?

Forced Matrix is a compensation plan, in which the amount of people each person can have in their first level is limited. For example, a 7*8 group means seven people on your first level and paying 8 levels deep. Each distributor can only sponsor a certain number of frontline distributors.

2What is PV & BV in matrix plan?

PV is Point Value. BV is Business Volume. 27 Rs = 1 PV & 1 PV = 16 BV. For example, as a distributor, if you purchase products worth Rs 1000/- you receive 27 PV and 592 BV.

3what is mlm generation plan?

MLM Generation Plan is a Multi-level marketing business plan based on profit sharing marketing Business

4is it implement generation bonus in Matrix plan?
5 What is matrix plan?
6 What is group volume?

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