15 Successful Tips for Network Marketing in 2022

Running an MLM business is not an easy way. You need to work really hard in order to grow your business. Sometimes you need to sacrifice your personal time to make it possible. So, how to succeed in network marketing? Learn 15 stunning network marketing tips to success in 2022.

network marketing success tips

How to succeed in Network Marketing (MLM)?

Definitely, the perfect answer is to make use of MLM software. But there are some common tips for attaining success in the Network Marketing Industry.

Try our stunning tips for Network Marketing (MLM) success in 2022.

You can see various methods and tactics when you are searching for “tips for network marketing” or similar queries.

Unlike all other Network Marketing strategies, it is quite different.

We will cover tips for both businesses and associates. That means you will learn how to win success in the Network Marketing industry from two perspectives. They are the company perspective and distributor or associate perspective.

Table of Content

> 5 Network Marketing Tips for Companies to Attain Success

  • 1.1. Planning
  • 1.2. Organising
  • 1.3. Staffing
  • 1.4. Directing
  • 1.5. Controlling

> 10 MLM Tips to Distributors or Associates

  • 2.1. Understanding the basic concepts
  • 2.2. Investigate MLM Companies
  • 2.3. Enquire About Various Compensation Plans
  • 2.4. Consider Market Condition
  • 2.5. Know Your Target Audience
  • 2.6. Set Your Ultimate Goal
  • 2.7. Select Your Products
  • 2.8. Promotion & Sales
  • 2.9. Evaluate Your Success
  • 2.10. Motivate Yourself

Let’s master these tips for network marketing in order to become a successful marketer, not MLM 2022.

MLM Software

1. Network Marketing Tips to Companies to Attain Success


First is first. I want to share that this is not actually MLM tips. Really it is a management process in order to attain some predefined objectives of the company.

Every company needs to perform these processes to achieve company goals.

Therefore, if you are expecting to start an MLM or Network Marketing company, go through this general process.

network marketing tips to success

Let’s make it in detail,

1.1. Planning

So what’s planning?

Planning is a thinking activity. It is the process of making blueprints of all activities for achieving the desired business goal.

The objective is important for any company to run it for the long term. Without objectives the entire management activities are useless.

For example, imagine that you are going to build a house for yourself. What will you do first? 

Reach any architect and draw a plan which includes rooms, kitchen, veranda etc. Right?

It is the same in the management process. The management team will draw a brilliant plan in the light of your predefined objectives.

As an MLM company owner, you need to establish an excellent forecasting team. Firstly, they will assist you in setting objectives and examining market conditions. Secondly, they provide insights into technological upgrades. As a result, you can achieve a particular objective by selecting the best method.

Tips for MLM Success

  • Set your objective
  • Investigate market condition
  • Consider alternative methods to attain network marketing success
  • Selecting the best alternative
  • Implement plan

Importantly, the utmost goal of every MLM company is to earn profit by boosting sales volume through expanding networks.

Follow the above tips to get a better result, that is network marketing success. Top MLM Companies regularly follow these steps and enjoy their ultimate business goals.

1.2. Organising

Organising activity involves assigning and grouping tasks, delegating supremacy and allocating resources to carry out an efficient operation. 

In every organisation, there are a lot of activities to perform. So you need to find similar activities and group them into a single department. 

Then in the next step, you need to assign people who are the best fit for that particular task.

Finally, provide them with resources in order to perform their task in an optimised way.

Tips on Network Marketing

  • Use the best quality material for production.
  • Build a strong upline channel

1.3. Staffing

Staffing is the process that involves finding the right people in the right position. It ensures a balanced supply of human resources in order to perform daily activities without any interruption.

For every MLM company, staffing is a vital part. Because the entire sales progression depends upon the distributor’s engagement. The more they actively perform, the more you can sell your products to the customers.

Generally, in the Network Marketing industry, we can see that people join the network, work for two or three months and quit.  

They are exhausted in their work, they quit their network and say that it is fraud.


It is actually a marketing activity, if you work hard, you will definitely get your result. There is no easiest way to get income quickly. 

When you start your career in the Multi-level Marketing industry, you will only earn a low income. But as time goes by, you will increase your rank and will start making a higher income.

Remember that it will take some time, so be patient.

Every distributor has two duties to perform the sale of products and recruit downlines. If you want to increase sales volume, you should recruit the best salespersons under you.

Therefore, recruitment is a crucial factor for every MLM business.

Tips to Win Success in Network Marketing

  • Set your objective
  • Plan your recruiting techniques
  • Recruit people
  • Educate the people
  • Maintain a healthy relation
  • Establish a daily communication
  • Motivate them 

1.4. Directing

It is the process of guiding, instructing, counselling and inspiring people in order to achieve predetermined objectives of the company.

Directing process follows some principles; 

  1. Maximum individual corporation
  2. Harmony of objectives 
  3. Unity of command 
  4. Unity of direction 
  5. Formal/ informal communication 
  6. Leadership 
  7. Follow up action

So, it is a continuous process to make people active to accomplish their utmost goals.

Tips for MLM success

  • Try to research the behaviour of the potential salesforce
  • Establish excellent recruiting techniques
  • Aware of your upline members
  • Monitor upline performance
  • Conduct SWOT analysis
  • Correct the weaker part of your upline

Most importantly, I want to say again and again that this is the core part of a Network Marketing business to ensure success. Because MLM activities are carried out by focusing more and more on networking channels.

1.5. Controlling

Finally, you have to conduct controlling activities. If you do the above management process, can you bring success?

Not really, 

You need to evaluate and analyse the entire process to ensure planned objectives. If not get any positive results, you need to find the pros and cons of the entire process. For this purpose, controlling activity is super important.

It helps to analyse the process of each and every section of the business activities. Moreover, it gives you an exact idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the business processes.

Additionally, controlling is an essential function to get control over entire Networking activities.

Bonus Tips

  • Collect information from the upline members at a regular interval
  • Use MLM software for the purpose of monitoring performance.
  • Use informal communication than a formal communication
  • Hear from downlines
  • If the suggestions are good, try to implement
  • Conduct SWOT analysis
  • Find the weaker and stronger parts of your network
  • Take corrective action to minimise weakness

Similarly, there is another silent function in the Management activities. That is coordination. Actually, it is not the real function. It is only a supporting function. Coordination helps you to minimise wastage of the process in each functional area.

If you own a company, try to examine whether these processes are in a good position. These are the perfect tips to enjoy success for any business, whether it is a traditional or a network marketing company.

Tips to succeed in Network Marketing is related to the functions of management. Only in this way, you can enjoy success in the long term.

So, How do you go to succeed in Network Marketing?

Just go with these techniques!

2. Network Marketing Tips to Distributors to Achieve Success

Techniques for distributors or associates are quite different from the company’s perspective. It is more individualistic.

Personality is essential for all entrepreneurs, particularly those in network marketing. Here are the Top 10 Tips for network marketing success:

Top 10 Tips for Distributors in Network Marketing

network marketing success tips

2.1. Understanding the Basic Concept


Firstly, you need to understand the basic concept of Network Marketing to gain success. Also, you need to study how does it work. 

Success will not come to you tomorrow, you should keep your mind very patient and work without any delay. One day you will find your success.

You should practise healthy ways to sell your products. There are different techniques to market your products. Establishing good relationships is super important for you. 

Moreover, in this modern world, making use of social media and MLM  through WhatsApp will help you to make proper communication with customers and downlines. 

Additionally, Promotional tools can help you to bring huge sales enquiries. Presently, paid media like social media marketing is the emerging mode of promotional activities.   


2.2. Investigate MLM Companies

Secondly, you need to thoroughly investigate top MLM companies to join. Amway, Herbalife and Avon are some of the giants in the Network Marketing industry.

You can also search for New MLM companies to join. It is riskier than join in a company that has a strong history to show.

You should deeply search their past history and ensure that they are keeping a healthy business. You should ensure that the company had not been involved in any illegal activities.

Check their products. It is your responsibility to ensure the quality and quantity of the products. Because you will deal with that particular products. 

Tips for Network Marketing Success

  • Search for the top MLM companies on the internet and select the best companies
  • Enquire their history
  • Study customer reviews
  • Ask the members
  • Find out their products
  • Select products which are suitable for you

2.3. Enquire About Various Compensation Plans

After investigating MLM companies, you should list out various compensation plans and compensations. 

The major MLM compensation plans are as follows;

  • Binary MLM Plan
  • Matrix MLM Plan
  • Linear MLM Plan
  • Stairstep MLM Plan
  • Investment MLM Plan
  • Generation MLM Plan
  • Party MLM Plan
  • Donation MLM Plan
  • Board MLM Plan

Study these compensation plans and figure out your best suitable plan.

Network Marketing Tips to Gain Success

  • Find out the best plan that you can manage and efficiently execute.

2.4. Consider Market Condition

The network marketing industry’s target market is vast, and it is difficult to narrow it down from the outset. 

However, you must start with a small target audience and progressively increase it. 

Firstly, recognize and broaden the target market to comprehend your target audience. Secondly, you need the first study the firm you’re going to work for, their goods. Finally, you need to analyse their current customers. 

Before you join the greatest network marketing organisation, I recommend that you conduct some research. 

If you’re in, there are certain prospecting techniques you may do to locate additional target audiences.


  • As a Network Marketer, you need to participate with the company to find out current market trends.
  • Examine the geographical location, customs and traditions of the existing market
  • Government Regulations regarding the working of the market.

2.5. Know Your Target Audience

It is important to know your target audience if you are entering into network marketing. Customers are the king in marketing. Therefore, you need to thoroughly check customer behaviour. 

Because interests and behaviours of the customers are regularly changing day by day. So, if you do not take much care of the customers, you will lose your business growth. They will find another alternative product.

Tips MLM Growth

  • Make good communication with customers
  • Provide good quality products
  • Regular interaction with customers
  • Take their feedback
  • Note people who are interested to join in MLM

2.6. Set Your Ultimate Goal

Here is your real MLM activity begins. While entering network marketing you should set some goals to achieve. This goal should be attainable to you. 

Then only you can measure the success of your Multi-level Marketing activities. Here, your goal may be to earn commission or compensation by maximising sales and networks.

Tips to Multilevel Marketing Success

  • Ask help from your uplines
  • Tell your problems and seek solutions
  • Set a daily target
  • Active in the sales process
  • Recruit an excellent downline 

2.7. Select Your Products

It is the most important one among the whole tips in network marketing success. Products are the focal element in every network marketing activity. Because the whole MLM process carries to promote the company’s products.

Your entire Multilevel Marketing activities will become useless if there is no presence of any products.

Many pyramid scheme uses low-quality products to legalise their illegal business. That means pyramid schemes are illegal. Because they do not focus on the products. However, Network Marketing is legal.

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Governments take legal actions against such companies to save people’s emotions, customs and traditions. 

However, some extra-smart companies, on this occasion create and promote low-quality products at a higher rate. Government cannot take immediate steps to find these illegal businesses.

Therefore, you should take greater care while choosing your products. You should ensure that the products have good quality and it provides value for money.

You should check whether the products have the market by analysing marketing trends and customer behaviour towards MLM products.

Importantly, FMCG goods always show an excellent demand in the market rather than luxury products like golds and diamonds.

Tips to Network Marketing Success

  • Ensure the quality of products
  • Check whether the price is at an optimum level
  • Analyse market trends
  • Choose a product that has a wider market 

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2.8. Promotion & Sales

Here a distributor actively participates in the promotional and sales activities of their products. They can promote their products in multiple ways.

Conducting parties is a common practice to promote the products. They host any kind of function by inviting their friends and relatives. 

On this occasion, introduce your products and promote your products. MLM Party Plan is the best suitable plan for promoting your products in an efficient way.

This is a great opportunity to grow as a Network Marketing business giant.

A gift plan is another important method to sell your products. In fact, it is a give and takes policy where a member gives somebody a gift and receives more gifts from others. 

Promotional tools are now an emerging trend in this digital world. Integration of digital marketing tools with MLM software provided an immense way to enter the global market.

In addition to that, you can promote your products simply by using WhatsApp and other social media.

Network Marketing activities using social media platforms are commonly known as “Social Network Marketing”.

Whatsapp business provides a wide range of features to showcase your product’s catalogues.

Moreover, the payment system in Whatsapp is a new feature that enables you to transfer money from one person to another.

Tips to MLM Growth

  • Educate yourself about some basics of marketing
  • Aware of customer behaviour
  • Go through various pricing strategies to boost your MLM sales
  • Make use of Whatsapp and other social medias
  • Make a good connection with customers
  • Engage them with some offers and discounts if needed.
  • Revise the Network Marketing tips to success

2.9. Evaluate Your Network Marketing Success

Promotion and sales are not the ends of your network marketing process, it never ends. It continuously going and going. You need to examine your current position. 

You should analyse the current achievements. Compare your performance with your objective. Then you should ensure that you achieved your MLM success goal.

If you couldn’t meet your goal, never get upset. Find solutions for the problems and continue this process. So that you can become a millionaire one day, you will. 

Tips to Monitor the Success of Network Marketing Operation

  • Collect information regarding your performance. You can use sales history, vouchers etc. from the dashboard
  • Compare it with your objective
  • Analyse performance
  • Take corrective action 

2.10. Motivate Yourself

I already state that success will not come too early. So, you have to stay calm until success comes to you. 

Remember, never get depressed and stay calm. It is like a matrix game in which your profit becomes multiplied according to your performance. 

In other words, you are going to start your career with 5$ or more or less. It will get multiplied to 10$, 100$ and so on, as the network grows.

In conclusion, I need to say that you must follow these tips regularly. These tips or techniques can bring ultimate network marketing success. It is the reward for your pain.


What do you waiting for? The world is looking for you, the world is yours. Apply these Network Marketing tips to achieve success.

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