How works Replication

Dedicate to your prospecting process daily!

Pay attention to 4 steps of prospecting process:

Contact. Step 1 is getting to know new people and, through a variety of questions, find out that person's problems or goals that he could solve with your business offer. The goal is to find out if you can help this person solve his problems or achieve his goals!

Presentation. If you can help this person, then step 2 of Prospecting follows - to offer your business opportunity through the Presentation.


Closure. The conclusion of a job and the voluntary consent of that person to register with the network marketing company you promote is our goal. Then you become the sponsor. Recruitment involves the whole process of contacting a person, until its registration to the company.

Follow up. You are introducing a person to the business, who is now a member of your network. You help that person learn and do everything that's needed to start building her own network. When you succeed, you have done DUPLICATION. Duplication is at the core of MLM Software!


We offer a replication platform that enables all of the new members to personalize their own approach to the duplication generation process.


  • Save your time and money
  • Attract new members to your team
  • Increase your business growth
  • Improve sales
  • Provide a attractive website to members
  • Customizable
  • Easy and Powerfull
  • HTML controls
  • Promote your product and services
  • User can maintain their site through Web interface