Promotional Tools

About Promotional Tools

Digital marketing tools and strategies used in the e-commerce sector are:

  • Email marketing
  • Remarketing / Retargeting
  • The social network
  • Facebook and Google AdWords paid advertising
  • Analytics
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Lately, the focus is on remarketing on Google and social networks, as well as email marketing. email marketing is concerned, when we talk about e-commerce, automated e-mail sequences that have certain events like "triggers" are the most used. Examples are e-mails series due to an abandoned shopping basket, withdrawal at the end of purchase, discounts, and offers of complementary products.

Analytics, which is in line with the aforementioned trend, is not negligible. In order to be able to adjust the sales strategies you use, it's important that you know who, when, how and through which channel your online store is most visited by. Analytics is your business partner, as the first one to show if there is a problem in the functioning of the store, or the opposite - to show a trend of sudden popularity of certain products.

As a registered consumer, you have the opportunity to, as an Independent Distributor without additional investment and, therefore, without risk, start your own business that can bring you

You can start your business by RECOMMENDING the products of this company and making use of the earning possibilities that the company provides! You are not an employee of that company, but you are its Independent Distributor. So you become an entrepreneur who has his own business making your earnings without restrictions free! The amount of earnings depends only on your willingness to thrive!

When someone buys a company's product on your recommendation, he becomes a lifelong member of your network of associates and you are his sponsor. He is a direct member (1st level) of your network. The more direct members you have, the larger your network is IN THE WIDTH.

When your direct member finds his direct member, then that person becomes an indirect member of your network (2nd level). So, your network is spread "In DEPTH". You can have an unlimited number of direct members (width) and levels of indirect members (depth) in your network.