Generation Plan

Generation Plan

The general methodology should not be viewed as a rigid system of rules that must be strictly observed. It is precisely the flexibility that represents the most important assumption for making a successful and purposeful plan. The content and scope of the plan, as well as the emphasis on its certain elements, should be adapted to the needs of the particular situation. This means that there will be differences between marketing plans for manufacturing and service providing companies, between plans for companies from different industries, between plans for small and large enterprises. In other words, the methodology should only be understood as the starting point to be shaped in accordance with the needs and subject matter.

When choosing the company to promote, one should pay attention to the 3 most important things:

  • The products of this company should be of superior quality (to be bought by people)
  • Products should be consumable goods (to be constantly bought by people).
  • Products should be needed by as wide as possible circle of people (to be bought by as many people as possible)

Generation Bonus

"Generation Bonus" is essentially distributed to chief of the group. A certain circumstance sactisfied customers are combined to a group.

Referral/Faststart/Sponsor Bonus

Referral bonus is a new Member they can either be placed in the LEFT OR RIGHT POSITION under your position. For every direct referral you make you will be compensated with the Sponsor/Referral bonus of X amounts fixed percentage(x%) or a fixed amount(x). Some companies referral amount distributed depends on purchase package amount.some of them depends sponsor rank too.Commission amount credited automatically to sponsor account or completing the registration approve by admin.

Matching Bonus

"Matching Bonus" a consumer registered on metwork the sponsor gets a extabenifit Neo multi level marketing's admin panel will configure this diffrent ways.

Rank Bonus

This is the promotional bonus to users,mainly rank bonus calculated referral count,left users and right users count or the total number of members under a specific rank on binary tree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, it is a motivational product selling MLM plan where every affiliate promotes the downline to the sale of the products and also gets bonuses and incentives on the specific target achievement.
A generation is a whole volume from upline to downline (this includes people with the same and different ranks).
Only $599
  • Generation Plan which is easy to explain for new comers or new members.
  • Compensation level is declared or customized as per company business requirements.
  • Rewards and bonuses can be integrated easy at any level structure or frontline in Generation MLM Plan.
yes it is possible