Generation Plan

Generation Plan

We know you are on the doorstep to purchase our Network Marketing Software. We hope you already noticed our previous plans. And the most important thing is you need to consider factors such as the product or services that you deal with, the size of your company and your business goal while adopting a plan.

There are a number of alternative plans available in network marketing that are really suitable for you. Generation Plan is one among them.

Have you heard about it? Let’s discuss;

What is the MLM Generation Plan?

A Generation Plan is called because the plan illustrates a generation or genealogy. It is based on the profit-sharing marketing business. It is also called Gap Commission Plan and Repurchase Plan. This plan is recognized as the powerful MLM plan that can be paid up to many deep levels.

The interesting fact is that this plan grows horizontally instead of vertically and flows from top to bottom and left to right.

A compensation model that appears to be unilevel yet has different generation levels. A distributor and its acquired consumers are at the level of every generation. Thus the tree structure of the plane is connected to different levels of generation.

This plan offers a good commission from the effort taken by the downlines.

In short, the Generation Plan divides the downlines into different levels or generations and the commission is also decreased as the generations grow. For example, think that a Generation Plan contains four levels. Commission for the first level is 20%, but the same percentage is not allowed to lower level.

The first level gets 20% while the second level only gets 15%. Likewise, the third level may get 10% and the fourth level may get 5%. This is the usual commission pattern in Generation Plan.

Usually, the distributor doesn’t bother about the product, he doesn’t take much care about it when they become senior. But the MLM Generation Plan is the real solution for this problem.

Moreover, this plan gives importance to the sale of products that the company deals with. This plan is popular among the Network Marketing companies that deal with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

How does Generation Plan Work?

It is simple as other compensation plans. However, it seems that this plan is more similar to the Unilevel Plan.

Before going to the deep level explanation about Generation Plan, you need to know about the basic concept of the unilevel plan. We know you already read that. But for the non-reader or people who forgot the basic concept, we like to remind you about the Unilevel Plan.

In other words, It is an MLM plan that has only one level in which all distributors are sponsored in the first level. But the real problem is that, in a unilevel plan, customers and referrals are placed on the same level. Thus, this particular plan brings a negative impact on the consistency of the plan.

What is the solution for bringing back consistency?

That’s why we use the Generation Plan where the plane divides the downlines into different levels or generations and the commission is also decreased as the generations grow..

You should notice that every person who makes the purchase may not become the distributor. They may remain as a one time or regular customer and not wish to become a distributor.

On the other hand, some customers become distributors as they find good opportunities or good quality products.

The best way to separate the customers and referral under different groups is that the company should adopt a Generation Plan. This plan includes many generations instead of a plan having a single generation.

Benefits of Generation Tree

a)Increased Earning: In the network marketing company, profit is divided throughout the entire network. The ratio is such that the network as a whole can profit from it

b)Easy Success: This plan is suitable for getting success through efforts and hard work.

c)Advertising Burden Can Be Minimized: The cost for developing and implementing advertising strategies can minimize when your downline members become your agent.

d)Simple to Understand: The plan is simple to grasp, and there are no complexities for plan seekers to discover.

Compensation in Generation MLM Plan

a)Generation Bonus

The bonus received from the sales made by the generation group is called Generation Bonus.

Example: A admit 3 generations in his Generation Tree. The company has defined that the commission for each generation is 8%,6% and 4% respectively.

Here, Generation 1 makes $1000 sales, Generation 2 makes $600 sales and Generation 3 makes $750 and A will get $146 as his bonus (8% of 1000+ 6% of 600+ 4% of 750) for these sales

b)Referral Bonus

Neo provides a bonus for each admission you made. You will be awarded a Sponsor/Recommendation bonus of X amounts fixed percentage (x per cent) or a fixed amount for each direct referral you make (x). The referral amount distributed by some companies is determined by the purchase package amount.

Some of them are also affected by the sponsor's rank. The commission amount is automatically credited to the sponsor's account when the registration is completed and approved by the administrator.

c)Matching Bonus

The Extra Benefit Neo Multi Level marketing panel is used to configure this different manner to "Matching bonus" a registered consumer on a network.

d)Rank Bonus

This is the promotional incentive for users, principally the ranking bonus-counted reference number, the number of left users and right users or the total number of members of a binary tree rank.

e)Team Sales Bonus

The team will get a bonus when they achieve some targeted sales.

f)Retail Commission

Each distributor will get a retail commission on the sale of products. A Retail Commission Bonus means the difference between retail price and wholesale price.

Integration of Generation Tree With Generation MLM Software.

This is the promotional benefit for users, primarily rank bonus computed referral count, left users and right users count, or total number of members on binary tree under a given rank.

Neo integrates all of the elements of the Generation Plan in Generation MLM software. We combine replication, auto-responder, ticketing, multi-currency, multi-lingual, promotional tools, lead capturing, and payment gateways into our direct selling software. Neo's multi-level marketing software will assist you in making the greatest money legally possible in this technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, it is a motivational product selling MLM plan where every affiliate promotes the downline to the sale of the products and also gets bonuses and incentives on the specific target achievement.
A generation is a whole volume from upline to downline (this includes people with the same and different ranks).
Only $599
  • Generation Plan which is easy to explain for new comers or new members.
  • Compensation level is declared or customized as per company business requirements.
  • Rewards and bonuses can be integrated easy at any level structure or frontline in Generation MLM Plan.
yes it is possible