Payment Gateways

About Payment Gateways

The platform has been developed to allow for payments through the web and various mobile devices. It is compatible with different programming languages, and we have available ready-made modules for all leading shopping cart systems. The simple connection and the range of functionalities available to our users represent, we believe, a significant advantage of our solution compared to competitive systems. Tokenization (card memory), one-click payment, recurring payments, and the ability for your customer to never be redirected outside your network are our standard offer over the past few years.

Affiliated marketing MLM Software payment gateway

We are constantly working on adding new functionality in order to enable our users to connect to the platform as easily and effectively as possible. So we just released a new mobile device SDK that allows for the transparent integration of payments in iOS and Android mobile applications. Regardless of how we connect with our platform, all our users have access to one of the leading fraud detection and prevention systems, which includes over 120 different anti-risk tools, 3D-Secure authentication and direct integration in most of the leading systems, such as ReD.

So your network grows deeper. It's all nice, you'll say, but how is this plan able to make you any money at all? Every time a member of your network purchases a company's product, operating system records it. At the end of the month, all the purchases of all the products, made by you and your network is calculated and summed up in the form of the total turnover.

The company pays you a certain percentage of the realized monthly total turnover of your network. How much this is, it depends on the Compensation Plan of the company, whose Independent Distributor

Most companies have predefined monthly levels needed to be achieved in order to earn a profit.

Using our system, you will be provided with a VARIETY of payment platforms that are at your disposal.