Neo MLM Investment Plan

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Investment Plan

It’s important to realize that every person in your network is registered directly in the company (not with you), buys products for himself from the company (not from you), pays the goods to the company (not to you). If there is no store in a city where this person lives, then the company (and not you) sends the product to that person.
The company produces, sells, distributes and charges products. It is responsible for their quality and provides the necessary certifications. It has outlets and pays workers who work there. It pays taxes and takes risks of doing business. It charges everything and at the end of the month pays you the commission fee. All of these are company’s responsibilities!
Your job is to RECOMMEND products to people and promote the business opportunities provided by the company.
“Investment Bonus” is a bonus this bonus is credited to member account based totally on the member investment. Especially this bonus dispensed daily. Admin set the Bonus to a fixed amount or a fixed percentage based totally on the investment.
Referral bonus is a new Member placed in community. For every direct referral you make you’ll be compensated with the Sponsor/Referral bonus of X quantities fixed percentage(x%) or a fixed quantity(x).
Some organizations referral quantity allotted depends on purchase bundle amount. Some of them depends sponsor rank too. Fee amount credited mechanically to sponsor account or completing the registration approve by using admin.
This is the promotional bonus to users, mainly rank bonus calculated referral count, left users and right users count or the total number of members under a specific rank on binary tree.
            “Matching Bonus” a consumer registered on network the sponsor gets a excitability Neo multi-level marketing’s admin panel will configure this different ways.



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