How to Promote Your Network Marketing Through WhatsApp?

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Whatsapp MLM | Promote Network Marketing Through WhatsApp

How to Promote Network Marketing Through Whatsapp? or How Can You Do Whatsapp MLM?

Do you know why I’m handling this topic?

WhatsApp is the latest model of business as the business adapts most modern technology for doing their business.

The Features in Whatsapp are enough to communicate with customers, placing orders, and also gives us payment assistance. In this way, Whatsapp facilitates promoting our business.

Before diving into the main topic “Promote Network Marketing Through Whatsapp, “ we need to know some facts and related information about how Whatsapp features help grow your business.

What is WhatsApp?

This is the basic we want to know at the beginning. Because it is the fundamental thing that is the pillar to all other updates for supporting the business through WhatsApp.

Firstly, Whatsapp means software that is created to send and receive text and voice messages, making voice and video calls, and sharing resources like images, documents, and user locations with the right persons.

By definition, we should realize that those are the primary purpose of Whatsapp. Today also, the primary purpose of Whatsapp is to send messages and make calls.

Whatsapp included many updates as time changed. Whatsapp Business is the major invention made by the Whatsapp group. Currently, social media like Facebook provides a platform where business people can engage and promote their business. Multi-level Marketing operations on social media is generally known as Social Network Marketing.

In January 2018, Whatsapp introduced a new tool, “Whatsapp Business”, with two phases.

  1. A Whatsapp Business App for small business and,
  2. Business tool for big organizations or companies.

Why is WhatsApp business important? 

Do you know why every business organization takes care of Whatsapp?

Here are some factors,

As per the reports in 2012, Whatsapp handled 10 Billion messages per day in August from 2 Billion in April. On June 13, 2013, WhatsApp reported that they have hit its new daily record by handling 27 billion messages.

On 24th August 2014, Whatsapp had 600 Million, active users, worldwide. In 2017 February, it was reported that Whatsapp had 1.2 Billion users globally and it was 2 Billion users in February 2020.

Can you imagine what a huge amount of people use Whatsapp daily?

Let’s look at some other factors,

Whatsapp Download Statistics

Statistics showed that more than 96 Million people downloaded in February 2020. It is also showed that there was a 42.4 percentage year-by-year increase in Whatsapp downloads from February 2019.

In How Many Countries Available Whatsapp?

In How Many Countries Available Whatsapp? Whatsapp mlm

WhatsApp is now available in more than 180 countries worldwide (WhatsApp, 2020). The software is also accessible in 60 different languages to appeal to the local audience.

India is the top user of Whatsapp and around 390 Million people use Whatsapp for communicating with others. Brazil is the 2nd largest user of Whatsapp and 108 Million people use Whatsapp.

In the US, 75 Million people use Whatsapp where Indonesia has 68 Million users. Mexico has 64 Million Whatsapp users where Russia has 64 Million users.

Despite its widespread use, WhatsApp has yet to reach a few nations. Apart from China, the app is entirely or partially restricted in Cuba, Syria, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, North Korea, and Qatar.

Message Sent Through Whatsapp Daily

Message Sent Through Whatsapp Daily | Whatsapp MLM

It now has significantly more impressive numbers to report: WhatsApp presently sends more than 65 billion messages every day (Connectiva Systems, 2019). The firm has doubled the number of messages exchanged every day on its app 65-fold in only eight years, demonstrating how much it has expanded.

Use of Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business Use | Whatsapp MLM

Whatsapp introduced Whatsapp Business in the Year 2018 and gained more than 5 Million business users after one year of establishment of its B2B initiative, Whatsapp Business.

The focus of Whatsapp is to help businesses by facilitating interaction with customers with facilities like quick replies, labels, chart filters, and status.

“Catalogues” feature in Whatsapp allows the business to disclose their products easily.

In all the above, every business takes more care on Whatsapp Business. Because it is a way to promote business and it is cost-effective for promoting products.

We just talk about basic information and facts about Whatsapp.

And you have a question, “ How Can I Promote Business Through Whatsapp?”

How Can I Promote Business Through Whatsapp?

Here, in this session, we will discuss the features and advantages of Whatsapp Business that help to grow your business by showing your catalogues.

What are the Major Features of Whatsapp Business?

Business Profile

A business profile gives identity to a business. A good profile with relevant information about your company makes an impression on the customers. The information can be addressed, any description, and website details.

Quick Replies

These are often sent messages that respond to frequently asked questions. Quick answers allow you to save and reuse messages that you send regularly, allowing you to quickly respond to popular questions. To send a rapid reply, simply use the “/” key on your keyboard.

Automatic Messages

We can set an automatic message that is simply called Whatsapp Autoresponder, to be sent to the customers. It is two types Greeting Messages and Away Messages

Greeting Message enables you to create greetings that are being received by the customer when they message us.

Greeting messages are similar to away messages. They deliver a personalized message to everyone attempting to contact the company after business hours. You can submit a personalized message or your working hours. You may program them to turn on at a specific time.

Contact Labels

Whatsapp Business provides you with the Label feature that enables you to organize and categorize contacts for a smooth operation.

  Message Statistics

Whatsapp Business allows you to get insights into your messages, that is we can see how many of your messages were sent, delivered, and read. 

Catalog Feature

You can display your products by using the catalogue feature.

 Interactive Business Leads

By using features like CTA and Quick replies you can make interactive business leads. CTA helps you to get website traffic or getting customer calls. 

 Integration with Facebook Shops 

Facebook Shops is a platform that lets you create unique shopping experiences for your business and easily integrate them throughout the Facebook family of apps.

In other words, you may use your shop to show off your items and services while also connecting with potential clients. It’s a crucial tool for every expanding company.

 Payment Mechanism

Customers can easily pay for the purchase by using the payment option given by Whatsapp Business.

Now let’s discuss our main topic;

How Can You Make Whatsapp MLM? or How to Promote Network Marketing Through Whatsapp?

How Can You Do Whatsapp MLM?

Formerly business communication was done through face-to-face communication. After that businesses used telecalls to make a deal. Today we have numerous communication facilities like email, cellular messaging, customer relationship management, and other messaging facilities ( currently that is Whatsapp).

Today MLM needs speedy communication for developing and maintaining customers and managing Direct Selling Business. WhatsApp, an online messaging service, has emerged as the ideal tool for becoming an omnichannel for business interactions in an MLM firm.

An MLM company can develop a sophisticated messaging strategy for internal and external business communications by using the WhatsApp Business API.

In addition to the features, you can utilize the following advantages offered by Whatsapp Business for growing your MLM business;

Customer Relationship Management in Whatsapp MLM

Today you can produce and send instant digital messages through Whatsapp-enabled MLM software. You can improve sales by directly interacting with customers and motivating downlines to work efficiently. In this way, you can increase the productivity of your Network Marketing business using a CRM system as a perfect way.

Above all, Whatsapp provides a platform where you can interact with customers, know their interests, behaviour patterns, and utilize this information to grow your business.

Bridge Between Brand and SalesForce

If you integrate your Whatsapp with MLM software, you will get the advantages of the largest communication system in this world. The main advantage is that we can improve the relationship with salespeople.

Whatsapp allows the salesforce to connect their product and brand to their potential customers very easily. You can create a business profile on Whatsapp that helps to develop an identity for your business.  

Features like About, Status, Label, Description allows you to showcase your products and brands to the customers and it will gain customer’s attention. 

Secure Communication in Whatsapp MLM

Whatsapp gives the most trusted communication platform that enables you to communicate with customers safely. By adding an end-to-end encryption feature, the customer really enjoys the safety. Customers can now communicate with the company with greater safety.

Entering Into A Global Market With Whatsapp MLM

It is possible to communicate with people from anywhere in this world through Whatsapp, there is no barrier. Communication through Whatsapp enables you to enter into a global market where you can find new customers and display your products and can make international deals.

We can target new customers and adding them to appropriate labels makes you locate a new market and it is very useful when the number of users of Whatsapp is 2 Billion.

Payment Option in Whatsapp MLM 

Whatsapp now introduced a payment option and the customer enjoys the freedom in payment without using any other third-party software.

Whatsapp MLM; A Cost-Effective Way Of Network Marketing

Doing Multi-Level Marketing through Whatsapp is a cost-effective way because we can easily target customers, receive orders, make payments,s and manage downline without much cost. You can easily promote your product and brand by targeting numerous targets at a time.

All features of Whatsapp are an advantage for your MLM business. We can use them to grow and flourish our business globally and make a profit. In this way, you can do Whatsapp MLM.

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