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Party MLM Plan Software

                      Direct sales during a party, provide an opportunity to thoroughly examine the product, to test it and to create its own opinion about it in a suitable place and at a convenient time, and is there a more dynamic and fun environment than a party. All products are delivered directly to the consumer.
What technology is more capable of facilitating the consumer’s ordering of goods, the greater the desire for personal, direct contact and advice. A classic salesman-trader cannot fulfill such expectations.
                     Therefore, direct contact with the consumer – direct sales are becoming increasingly important.
                    Every employee or associate is obliged to realize the highest order and to collect as soon as possible the money from the consumer because the process of buying and selling can be performed exclusively “hand-to-hand”. The basic task is to join as many as possible, which leads to higher orders achieved from those associates. Also, make as many promotional presentations as possible in order to spread the influence in every way.

Features Of Party MLM Plan

Referral/Fast-start/Sponsor Bonus

Referral bonus is a new Member they can either be placed in the LEFT OR RIGHT POSITION under your position. For every direct referral you make you will be compensated with the Sponsor/Referral bonus of X amounts fixed percentage(x%) or a fixed amount(x)..

Party Bonus

Party Bonus” is a member bought a sure product from a Party the bonus dispensed that member is known as Party bonus,Admin can configure the situations.

Matching Bonus

“Matching Bonus” a consumer registered on network the sponsor gets a excitability Neo ‘multi level marketing’s admin panel will configure this different ways.

MLM Party MLM Plan Advantages

The following are the advantages of the Party MLM Plan: 

Encourages SalesThis is fantastic opportunity to boost sales. 
Hosting large party with large number of guests might be terrific market for selling their items. 
Guests will be more likely to review things recommended by friend or relative. 
Unlimited Opportunity: It provides an infinite number of opportunities to throw parties. 
It is available for group sales from one host to the next. 
Increased Income:As the opportunity expands, the strategy delivers substantial cash stream for both 
consultants and party sales organisations.
party mlm plan


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