List of New MLM Companies in 2022

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New MLM Companies

We all know the Multi-level Marketing(MLM) companies such as Infinitus, Herbalife and Natura. But How many of you know WGN and doTERRA?


It is relatively a new MLM company in the network marketing industry. It is not only the new company in this field. There are a lot of companies beginning careers in the Multi-level Marketing industry.

They will definitely become the supreme power in a few years by using latest modern technologies such as MLM Software and Additional Modules.

If you are a real Network Marketing enthusiast, you must go through this freshers list.

If you want to avoid risks while earning a little but steady income, you might look into these companies that have been around for decades. 

However, business is always a risky operation and you have to face it. Every successful businessman has made their life successful by taking risks. They found their business opportunity in such a way.

If you are not willing to take risks, your growth will be very low. Investing in new multilevel marketing companies can bring massive success. Additionally, you can refer to our previous blog to learn network marketing success tips.

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List of Top 10 MLM Companies New in Network Marketing Industry


If you are seeking high growth, look at the new companies in the MLM or direct selling industry.

In 2022, the best MLM (multi-level marketing) organizations or companies are tied in with making clients more advantageous and improving their general prosperity. 

MLM is also about giving the best network marketing salesmen the opportunity to set their own working hours to work upwards towards greater and better new chances. 

A top MLM organization is a self-start venture or a work from anyplace business you can join as long as you have a cell phone, personal computer or laptop, and internet connection in 2021 and 2022.

Have you ever thought about the investors who purchased the shares of a large company such as apple?

I’m talking about the details at the beginning of Apple. The investors had made a risky decision. However, that risk contributes to higher rewards. Currently, they enjoy the best life in their career.

As we consider the case of MLM or Network Marketing, these principles are true when you are thinking of beginning a career or planning to establish a company in the Multi-level Marketing industry. 

It is up to You!

You can go with the Multi-level Marketing(MLM) companies that were established decades ago and are actively working in the MLM industry. 

Many industrial experts suggest these types of MLM/ Multi-level Marketing companies rather than new MLM companies because of their financial strength. These companies possess strong financial assets and are in a rigid format.

I know, you may have similar thoughts. 

However, you must know that if you are joining an existing MLM company not new, there is a possibility of full employment.

Let me clear,

The main issue related to your joining is that the market may be overflowing with associates and may sell their products.

It is very difficult for the newcomers in the existing market if people are already selling that particular product. You cannot go for a long run. Because you cannot sell any of your products.

Because the existing associates would build healthy relations with their customers. Hence, they are not ready to buy your products.

The Power of New MLM Companies Begins Here

Companies that are new to the MLM or Network Marketing industry are called “Ground floor direct sales Companies”. They have just launched their marketing operations within the last one or two years.

As in the case of Google and Apple in the early stage, you have to face some uncertain conditions when you are working with new MLM companies. You don’t know what is the future of a new MLM company, it may boom. 

If the idea of high rewards by taking higher risks attracts you, the perfect way is to associate with a young MLM company.

MLM Companies That are New in the Network Marketing Industry

Here is the list of new MLM companies that have emerged in the last few years. Examine the companies and conduct an analysis to determine which one is best for you.

10 New MLM Companies 2022

# Valentus


Founder: Dave Jordan

Year: 2014

Cost to Join: 20$

Valentus is a newcomer company in Multi-level Marketing, that deals with super coffee for weight reduction. It became a popular brand in the US since it just started its career 6 years ago.

An interesting fact is that it offers the associates a work from home opportunity to sell products and recruit new downlines.

The MLM structure here is moderately normal: 25% commission for network marketers that join (paid week after week) and rewards as you climb the business positions.

If you are willing to take risks, just go with this company.

Apart from coffee production, they focus on Keto Creamer, Immune Boosters and PrevalMax (an energy product). 


Interestingly, the following features will make you excited, I’m sure;

  • The Start-up fee is very low
  • Excellent product line
  • Inventory free
  • Generous compensation

How Do You Go to Earn Money from Valentus?


You can make money in Valentus, one of the best companies among the new MLM companies, in two ways;

  • Sell products and earn commission
  • Refer earn bonus

Compensation in Valentus

  • Sales Commission: 25%
  • Fast Start Bonus: upto 100$
  • Legacy Coded Bonus: 100$
  • Dual Team Commission: Up to $100,000 per week
  • Dual Team Matching Bonus – Seven levels starting at 20%
  • 1% Global Volume Shared Enrollment Pool
  • Vehicle Bonus – $400 to $3000 monthly

# New U Life

New U Life | New MLM Companies

Founder: Alexi Goldstein

Year: 2017

New U Life is a top new MLM business that offers against maturing items made with one primary fixing: a homoeopathic human development hormone. 

Experts for New U Life MLM should be centred around clients in the 35+ age range because the SOMADERM gel vows to take your development hormone level back to what it was in your 20s. 

Alex Goldstein, who established the organization advertiser organization, is a homoeopath/naturalist who has worked in the regular nourishments business for a very long time. 

Retail commission for this staggered marketing organization is paid every week and rewards are put as achievements en route, so if you know that enough people who are frightened of getting old you ought to have a lot of potential clients carrying on from 2019 into 2020 and 2021.

Compensation in New U Life

If someone joins in New U Life, the following benefits will get:

  • Sales Commission
  • Enrollment 
  • Team Commission
  • Coaching Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Luxury Car Bonus

# doTerra

doTERRA | New MLM Companies

Founder: David Stirling, Mark A. Wolfert, Corey B. Lindley, Dr David K. Hill, Gregory P. Cook, Emily Wright, Robert J. Young

Year: 2008

Cost to Join:

doTerra was established in 2008 with the objective of providing essential oil all over the world. It has profited from the natural health care pattern that is expanding in the most recent decade. 

Established more than 10 years ago, all veterans in the health industry, doTerra made 5 million dollars in the initial 5 years and has simply kept on developing. 

This driving MLM organization sells basic oils, and healthcare products implanted with those oils, similar to antiperspirant and cleansers. If you become a network marketer salesman for them, you’ll get limits on the items and you make a moderate sum on commissions. 

To discover achievement joining doTerra, you would be savvy to submerge yourself in a network of network marketers who are into the entire homoeopathic industry, so you can make sure about your situation as their fundamental oil vendor in 2020.

The initial doTERRA essential oil offering featured 25 single oils and 10 blends, and it went on sale on April 25, 2008. 

Since then, the doTERRA product line has grown to include many more single oils and oil blends, as well as nutritional, spa, and healthy living items based on essential oil technology and holistic wellness philosophy. 

That offering, of course, would not be conceivable without a Global Botanical Network of artists and distillers. Through its Co-Impact Sourcing® strategy and the doTERRA Healing Hands FoundationTM, doTERRA has become a valued partner in the essential oils business while also assisting communities in improving their own economic futures.


Being a valuable member in doTERRA, you will get amazing rewards and bonuses, whether you are a whole customer or a wellness advocate. 

Cool, right?

Let’s look at what are the benefits you are going to receive:

  • Associates will get loyalty reward points
  • Opportunity to win free products of the month
  • Chance to get shipping reward points
  • 25% discount on products

How Are You Going to Earn Bonus?

There are two ways to earn bonuses, through retail markups and through bonuses. 

  • Retail Markup: Every wellness advocate is eligible to get products either for resale or for personal use.
  • Bonus: Also, wellness advocates can get bonuses on the volume of sales.

# Enersource


President & CEO: Brian Bentz

Year: 2017 

Cost to Join:

Enersource launched its products in 2001, not as an MLM or Multi-level Marketing company. Moreover, it operates its business not as an MLM company until 2016. Later they realized the potential growth of Network Marketing.

In 2016, Enersource International entered into the MLM industry by launching its first MLM product, evergreens.

The aim of EnerGreen is to help people to produce body alkali and give it the Nutri it needs to thrive.

They currently produce 100& plant-based and packed full of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

They have two compensation plans; a forced matrix plan and an upfront sales commission. 


The following are the features of the resource;

  • Debt-free company
  • Compensation plan geometric growth
  • National support system
  • Own business 
  • Provides training 

# Modere


Founder/CEO: Asma Ishaq

Year: 2015

Cost to Join: 49.99$ (least price)

Actually, it was established in 1987 and later in 1992 they re-named Neways. In 2015, it was relaunched as Modere.

Modare products are attractive. It is a Multi-level Marketing company that deals with personal care and household products. 

It has a wide variety of products such as mineral supplements, anti-ageing products, collagen science products, muscle health products, and counteract skin photoaging.

Modere calls its MLM delegates social marketers and the selling structure is abundant on the rewards. 

However, you do get a commission for selling the products and empowering other social marketers and business bloggers to join. 

The branding is exceptionally highly solid, and they have a board of scientists, physicians, as well as industry specialists who support their MLM products.

Compensation in Modere

A person who joins Modere will get the following bonuses.

  • Customer POD Bonus
  • Coded Mentor Bonus
  • First Order Bonus & Get 3 Doubler
  • 4 & More Elite Bonus
  • Generational Unilevel
  • Dynamic Team Leader & Director Bonus
  • Promoter Development Bonus
  • Leadership Development Bonus
  • Monthly Team Builder Bonus
  • Power Bonus

# Jerky Direct

Jerky Direct

Founder/CEO: Donna Soffen

Year: 2016

Cost to Join: 45$

Jerky Direct is one of the notable companies that are new in the MLM industry and deals with two types of jerky. Southern-style and midwest fresh are the two types of jerkies.

Midwest style is made up of organically fostered beef without any antibiotics. However, Southern-style is quite a different product. Because it is a handmade product, sliced thinly with a wide range of flavours.

Interestingly, Jerky Direct, technically, is not a new business as other new MLM companies.

It was launched in 2004. Later, in 2016 they decided to shut it down. However, a team of customers acquired the property and launched their MLM operations in the same year.


  • Does Not Require Commitment Fee: When you finally decide to quit the organisation, you won’t have to worry about breaching a contract or paying a termination or cancellation fee. Jerky Direct has known since the beginning of your relationship that their sellers may come and go.
  • Simple Compensation Plan: They are extremely focused on recruiting someone to join the firm as a seller and earn $5 for every referral. Furthermore, the sales volume is only determined by the number of packets sold, while the income is determined by the profit.
  • Unique Products: Unlike all the other new MLM companies, it has developed its own unique products. 

# World Global Network


Founder/CEO: Fabio

Year: 2017

WGN is a younger company in the Network Marketing industry. The speciality of the World Global Network is that it deals with only one product, that is Helo. 

Actually, it is a smartwatch, but the company announced that it is a wellness product. In their perception, we can see that it is true.

The company offers mainly four types of compensation. One from the sales and the second is from sales made by your downlines. Finally, the company provides the associates to 

Helo smartwatches can monitor your information like heartbeat using their fitness tracking feature. 

It is not only made for tracking heartbeats, but also for tracking steps, monitoring your breath. 

Additionally, it has a special SOS messaging system that enables you to tap the device to send information to some predetermined contacts when you need it.

Cool, isn’t it?

But not over yet!

WGN provides mainly four types of compensation plans. One is directly from your sales and one is from your downline’s sales. Additionally, the company provides a certain percentage of overall revenue as a commission.

# Vasayo


Founder/CEO: Dallin A Larsen 

Year: 2016

Dallin and Karree Larsen, MLM industrial experts are the founders of Vasayo. 

Vasayo has been a health and wellness product dealer since 2016. It has five nutritional supplement products; essentials, neuro, sleep, energy and renewal. 

When the organisation first debuted, it offered 18 ranks, ranging from Brand Partner to Triple Crown Blue Diamond. Brand Partners receive a PV of 80 units, while the highest tiers receive a PV of 320 units.

A person with the top rank also has a minimum of six active monthly clients and a total of eight registered affiliates. The company promises that it pays the greatest percentages in the industry to its members.

# Nevetica


Founder/CEO: Lance London 

Year: 2017

Cost to Join: 24$/199$/475$ (for purchasing initial products)

Nevetica is a corporation that specialises in one area — dogs. It has developed a line of pet products that will encourage optimal pet health. It offers a variety of natural and organic dietary items, accessories, and cleaning.

For example, the company’s carpet cleaner removes dirt and stains while also helping to neutralise odours while being safe for upholstery and fabrics. The caveat is that it is intended to deter your pets from repeatedly marking in the same spots.

Nevetica offers an incredible selection of nutritional supplements that appear to be treated but give a variety of health benefits to pets. 

Each supplement is designed to address a specific requirement in a pet, such as supporting hip and joint health.

The company is now in the pre-launch phase and is looking for advisors and sales representatives. It is expected to make its official debut in 2019. 

If you sign up to be a distributor on the company’s website, you will be able to learn more about its compensation options and anticipated debut date.


  • Unique Products
  • No Lawsuit

# iCoinPro

iCoinPro | New MLM Companies

Founder/CEO: Justin Clark, Paul De Sousa 

Year: 2017

Cost to Join:

ICoinPro is one of the newest MLM companies to emerge. It was re-launched in May 2017 and has already gained popularity among top network marketers like Erik Christian Johnson.

The company does not sell a specific product, but rather information about a product. ICoinPro’s major goal is to educate people about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

As a customer, you must pay $39.95 each month for access to educational materials about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

ICoinPro has a tiered system in place and offers a range of compensation programmes to distributors. When you first join, you are unranked, but you can advance as you recruit more individuals. 

A 2 by 14 matrix is one of the principal compensation plans in place. In addition, the corporation provides many benefits to its distributors.

You can have up to ten downlines as an unranked member of the enterprise. This means you can earn a 2.5 per cent commission on the sales of up to ten customers

Most Popular Plans Among New Companies

I want to say that many new MLM companies are going with a binary plan to start their best beginning.

How Do You Select the Best Company from the List of New MLM Companies?

There are some essential factors such as company objectives, MLM plan, strategies (pricing strategies and promotion strategies), quality of products and compensation.

So, you must take a detailed study on these elements and compare companies with these measurements.


You will get the perfect company to start the best career in the MLM industry.

Preferred Network Marketing Software by New Companies

The following are the software suites that are most commonly preferred by MLM Companies;

Which Product Should You Focus on While Joining in New MLM Companies?

Actually, there is no perfect answer to this question. Because you all haven’t similar interest.

Someone will prefer highly expensive products, on the other hand, someone will only go for a product comparatively lesser amount.

The selection of MLM products depends upon many factors such as price, quality, audience and so many related factors, whether you decided to join new MLM companies or top MLM organizations that already exist.


So, these are the MLM companies having the potential to grow as the best network marketing company in the world.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Just go with your own ideas and start your own MLM company. I hope you may be the next one on the list of New MLM Companies.

Best wishes!

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