Neo MLM Donation Plan

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MLM Donation Plan

Today, many improvements to the original binary plan are used. One improvement that sounds very attractive is a matching bonus. Matching bonuses are based on the weekly (or cyclical) wages of personally sponsored distributors.
Unlike permanent outlets, direct sales involve the sale of products and services directly to the consumer. Direct sales usually involve product demonstration and advice on how to apply the product. Consumers are to be made sure that products are the right solution for them and their needs. Associates in the performance of these tasks receive instructions from their own superiors, are trained to work with consumers and on methods of persuasion and mode of operation. Various seminars and training sessions for all employees and associates are organized in order to as well as strengthen their business as well as private relationships.
The more members you have in your network, you will have more monthly traffic. The higher your network traffic is, the higher your career level. The higher your level, the company pays you higher commission fee of your monthly turnover and the higher your earnings.
The first goal is to have as many members as possible in the network, but this is not enough. If they do not buy the company’s products you will not earn a profit. Therefore, it is important that the products of the company are quality products so that members of your network will buy them regularly and thus realize your regular monthly Passive income.
The company does not pay you according to the number of members of your network, but based on the TURNOVER that your network is able to generate in one month!
A member donates a sure quantity to any other member inside the network. Sponsor will get a hard and fast amount (X) or constant percentage (X) of amount.
Referral bonus is a new Member they can either be placed in the LEFT OR RIGHT POSITION under your position. For every direct referral you make you will be compensated with the Sponsor/Referral bonus of X amounts fixed percentage(x%) or a fixed amount(x).
Some company’s referral amount distributed depends on purchase package amount. Some of them depends sponsor rank too. Commission amount credited automatically to sponsor account or completing the registration approve by admin.
“Matching Bonus” a consumer registered on network the sponsor gets a excitability Neo multi-level marketing’s admin panel will configure this different ways.”
            This is the promotional bonus to users, mainly rank bonus calculated referral count, left users and right users count or the total number of members under a specific rank on binary tree.


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