Ethereum Integration in MLM Business

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Do you know what is the new strategy in the MLM process?

Before that let’s look at what is MLM?

MLM (Multilevel Marketing) is the process of selling goods through multilevel channels. That means goods are available to a customer through a network of distributors. These distributors include Upline and Downline Distributors. This process includes more physical transactions of money.

It is riskier to handle physical money, isn’t it?

This has lead to the integration of Ethereum with the MLM process.

Ethereum Integration

Hey! what is actually Ethereum?

Technology became more advanced today and it also influenced the MLM process. Ethereum is the process of giving open access to digital money in such a way where background or location doesn’t matter.
In which way Ethereum helps the MLM process?

MLM is now integrated with Ethereum technology to take advantage of virtual transactions of money. Already said that Ethereum is open access to digital money. Therefore one can set up a customised plan by using this technology without physical use of money without any pain. We can easily transfer cash online.

Why do we do Ethereum Integration? Do we have a lot of alternative options like Bitcoin?
Because it is the second-largest cryptocurrency in this world. Moreover, this process requires many fees and is inexpensive. It is highly secure and impossible to hack.

Major Networks Used for Ethereum Integration

The following are the major Ethereum Networks:

a) Double way

Doubleway is a straightforward matrix-based gifting mechanism. The company use an ethereum smart contract in place of a matrix script. However, the math is the same on the back end. You sign up and give ethereum to the person who recruited you. You are then compensated as others are recruited directly or indirectly through you.

b) Million Money

Million Money MLM Clone Script is a highly secure, ready-made MLM script based on Smart Contracts. It enables you to create an MLM platform based on Ethereum Smart Contracts.

c) Ethereum Cash

ECASH mainly operates on the Ethereum platform. With 14,100,000 in circulation Ethereum Cash currently has supplies of 15,000,000. The last known price of Ethereum Cash is $0.004546 USD.

d) Forsage

It is the world’s first global decentralised community, constructed on a blockchain smart contract based on BSC/Tron/Ethereum. This technology makes its operation transparent, safe, and unstoppable. FORSAGE users can use their personal links to invite new partners and receive 100% partner benefits in BUSD/TRX/ETH.


Etrix Clone Script is a website script based on Ethereum Smart Contract. It operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a completely decentralised smart contract MLM ecosystem and similar to

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