Increase Sales Through Direct Selling; Marketing Strategy 2021

For a new startup business, entering into the market is complicated. The business environment involves a lot of difficulties and barriers like competition and changes in the environment.
This blog will help new startup businesses to find solutions to the difficulties to enter the market. These tips will help you to boost your sales with our latest marketing strategy.

Entering into a new market?

It is absolutely great to hear that. It’s really amazing. You are going to make a noticeable and make a profit. 
Before entering into the market,

What do you know about Market Conditions?

It is really challenging for a startup business to get noticed and to sell your products.  You want to face high competition from the prevailing companies in the market. It mainly depends on the right marketing strategy. The success of a new business is related to the right market strategy.

You will Vanish When You Don’t get Absolute Marketing Strategy

A business cannot go forward when it doesn’t get revenue. Therefore choosing the right marketing strategy is one of the important factors in every market entry. You can choose your own marketing strategy, you can choose direct selling or network marketing.

If you aim to gain long-term revenue, network marketing is the right way to sell your products. It makes your business entry much easier. 

Network marketing is useful for both businessmen and marketers. It helps the businessmen to increase sales and for the marketers, it is a source of revenue by simply promoting the products.

Most businesses are now using network marketing strategies for increasing sales by making long-lasting customer relationships.  

Boost Business Through Network Marketing; Marketing Strategy 2021

The following are the advice for both businessmen and marketers that you should try in 2021;

1.Face the Reality 

There are a lot of difficulties in this field while entering into Network Marketing. There is always the fear of the Pyramid Scheme and MLM Scams. It is difficult to find what is trustable and what is non-trustable.

The only thing we can do is accept the reality and step away from these scams as possible and search for MLM companies that provide good quality services for us.  Then you have to select the product you love to promote. 

2.Analyse the Opportunity

Then we should analyze the opportunity prevailing in the market. Customer behavior, customs, and traditions, trends in the market, etc. should be considered.

Customer behavior is not predictable. Their needs change every day. They are searching for something unique which satisfies all the customer needs. So we need to analyze what they are looking for and how to convert them into meaningful sales. We also need to find alternative measures to convert them.

Another factor is customs and traditions. In this world, we have our own beliefs and traditions to follow. A good product should not be harmful to this factor. While assessing the opportunity we have to ensure that the product always protects the customer’s beliefs. 

We finally analyze the trend in the market.  The market trend is not always the same, it changes day by day. It is important to determine the changes in trends and we should adapt to that particular change. 

Nokia faced such a situation several years ago. They refused to change their field from windows os to android at the time android came. They completely vanished for this reason. Therefore we should keep an eye on market trends. It is more important to give preference to customers than what you produce.

3.Be Genuine and Ethical

It is usually seen that the representatives give hype for building a network.

Is that good?

No! It is only a temporary solution for building a team. It is just a team rather than a network until we find a good representative.

People who are wrongly recruited always expect high income in a few days. But they will abandon this mission within several days, because of exhausting themselves in this field. They have actually no interest in this field.

Representatives who are appointed not for the genuine purpose of Network Marketing, always work for themselves, not the company. They always want money in an easy way. It will badly impact the sale of the company and it is not good for a market network.

We should never impose a person to become the representative. If they said no, it is no and if the reply is yes, the person is yours. 

The solution is to be genuine and ethical. Also, find a representative who has the good spirit of marketing and he should be ready to work for the entire team weather than for himself.

4.Identify Target Market 

It is easy to recruit our family members and friends to make the network fill in a simple way.
Have you ever thought that it was good?

Absolutely not! It is not the right way to do Network Marketing. New MLMers make this common mistake.

Productivity will always be low in such a situation. Because they are doing it for generating income rather than promoting the product. They don’t have the right potential to work as the representative.

Therefore setting a target is very crucial. The target market is the group of potential buyers who likes to buy your products.

5.Share Product / Business Plan

Many sponsors are looking for recruiting new business builders.

It is wrong!

The income will only get after completing a successful sale. This part is the important one in Network Marketing. So share your products with maximum customers and popularise them to the market.

6.Sponsor the Products than Recruiting

In the above point, we said that many sponsors are looking for recruiting new builders. It will lead to a decrease in sales. First of all, we should focus on sponsoring the products. Recruiting is secondary.

7.Market Your Product

Then you have to learn the alternative ways to market your products. These alternative ways are creating a website, setting events, referral programs, email lists, writing blogs, and use of social media platforms.

A website will help you to market your product and help to choose the right products as the customer wishes. It gives complete details of your products, price details and other relevant details of your products

Setting events like competitions and taking the sponsor role will be very useful to get popular. 

Customers will be interested in your products when someone referred to your products as the best. It is directly connected with the customer’s emotions.

Setting email lists of your potential buyers is another important factor. When you want to show your ad to potential customers, we can easily use this list and send this ad to all of them in this list with a single click.

Writing blogs about the qualities and features of your product will reach your products in the market.

An important factor for marketing your product is the use of social media platforms. Various ads and messages through Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, etc will also help to get a conversion.

8.Follow Unique Way 

There are a lot of alternatives in the market in the same field. We need to add something unique to products as well as in the marketing. If your product is quite different from others you will get notice.

9.Customer Relation

Please kindly make a system for customer relationship management. A good CRM system can retain the customer by regularly interacting with them. You should hear the complaints and suggestions of the customers and make them implemented if they are genuine.

10.Measure Success

Then you should measure your success by comparing the actual performance with goals. If the performance varies from the goal take reasonable action.


A periodical evaluation of the action plan should be done in order to ensure success.

What do We offer?

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For any business (new or already existing), our product is the best for increasing sales through a good marketing strategy, that is good Network Marketing.


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