E-commerce neo mlm software

E-commerce MLM Software

The MLM business mostly is based on product sales and the addition of new members takes place with the purchase of a product. Majority MLM business that is e-commerce based has an e-commerce platform offering the outreach of their business and online presence. E-commerce thus helps in gaining profit to the MLM business.

E-commerce MLM Software represents the integration of software for e-commerce platforms. This integration assists the users in tracking the product sales, profit earned,member management, and other facilities. Thus, E-commerce MLM software is a single-stop solution to manage comfortably and effectively your MLM business.

E-commerce MLM software is software that is best to have for MLM business e-commerce based.Neo MLM Software provides multi-level marketing software to manage efficiently your MLM business.

What is E-commerce?

Electronic comers or e-commerce refers to selling and buying online. This is a term used for any commercial or business transaction involving across the internet the transfer of information. It is used for different business types, right from retail sites to music sites that it is the most important aspect to emerge and be of use on the internet. E-commerce is a perfect representation to convert, create, and redefine connections among organizations and value production.

E-commerce precisely is for business transactions to be used by the electronic communications and using the processing technology of digital information. Electronic_transactions are around for some time requiring each customer and supplier to set up a data_link dedicated that e-commerce offers a simple method to set up ad-hoc links. The road to_success online is with e-commerce leading to understanding the principles of e-commerce_and what it does for your online business. Understanding the guidelines is a must to_implement e-business plan properly and to ensure success.

MLM Software features are unique. The best MLM Software system package provides the business administrators an option to disable and enable the features. It has complete control over the MLM Software features, whether it is customizing existing features or developing new features.

E-commerce Platform, what is it?

The MLM software for e-commerce helps in achieving success and this is because of its significant features driving towards the online store. The features include adding or removing products, managing inventory, calculating taxes, processing payment, fulfilling orders, and lots more to run a website designed specifically for the internet retail business.

E-commerce Software features easy to use interface that can be operated even by non-tech persons on the online store. There is the ability to integrate with other services and platforms such as ERP, CMS, CRM, email marketing tools, payment gateways, fulfillment services,accounting software, and social media networks.









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E-commerce MLM Software Features

Classic Dashboard

The dashboard favors easy access and the complete system overview. This easy navigation suits easy operations.


The E-wallet functions as the virtual money that the members can make transactions. The incomes and expenses are available in the virtual money form.

Support of Multiple Currencies

MLM supports global business and people can make use of the currency to interact with back-office tools. There is automatic and manual currency conversion.

Multilingual Support

For user convenience, there is multiple language options making system internationalized. It is also fully responsive that business can be done from any device and from anywhere.

Network and Team Explorer

The interface is unique to explore the different level on the screen and to explore the complete teamwork. It is easy to understand the team structure and access all the levels.

Customizable profile picture and wall.

Members can now easily set their wallpapers and photos. There is a need for a dedicated profile page with the option to keep the information hidden.

Sponsored Members Listing

A separate list of your team members sponsored and you can filter the listing as per different parameters.


This is a feature that the members may be notified through SMS and the team can set rules of notification.

Custom Rules for Ranking

The business team gets to set different rules and also the rank advancement criteria. The best part is that all the rules here are configurable.

Income and Expenses Report

Acomplete report of the income and expenses can be seen with the back-office. Business Administrator now can monitor all the transactions of each member.

Multiple Withdrawal Options

Multiple withdraw options and the commissions to real money from e-wallet. You can also use the option to transfer to your bank or to PayPal. The same goes for the payout options such as credit card, e-wallet payment, bitcoin payment, etc.

Business wallet

All the expenses and income toward or inwards the business will get recorded in real-time. So the administrators may track easily the business profitability. Real-time transactions help business teams to know the profitability and the turnover of the business.